As the first social microlearning platform designed to prevent burnout, Nurau is dedicated to uncovering what is behind poor mental health at the workplace and designing preventative solutionstargeting these factors.

The R&D team at Nurau aims to gather data that ultimately drives the development of our own product as well as informs the decisions of other stakeholders in the field of mental health.

The future of the workplace: 2022 Edition

Executive Summary

Nurau, Inc. conducted a bilingual online survey to understand the mental health landscape among graduate students in the Canadian province of Quebec. The information from this survey was collected between 25 December 2020 and 7 July 2021. A total of 131 graduate students participated in the survey.

In study #1, we found that international students:

  • Experience more pressure, especially as it relates to their research and job opportunities.
  • Tend to compare themselves more to their peer than domestic counterparts.
  • Have a more negative perception of their supervisor.
  • Experience less support for their mental health.
  • View their engagement in graduate studies to have a greater negative impact on their ability to establish an intimate relationship.
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