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The mindful manager: brief guided meditations for everyday leadership

Step into a world of rejuvenation with our collection of revitalizing guided meditations tailored specifically for managers. In the hustle and bustle of your busy workday, taking a moment to unwind and uplift your mind is crucial. Our meditations, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes, have been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly fit into your workflow. Allow these moments of calm to empower you, boost your focus, and elevate your leadership journey. It's time to revitalize your mind and lead with renewed energy.

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Nurau insights

Welcome to Nurau Insights, a podcast series that provides valuable insights into the world of workplace mental health. Presented by Hosts Vivienne Tam and Peter Smith, who are excited to bring you the latest research in organizational psychology, workplace well-being, and mental health. As professionals in the field of workplace mental health, we understand the importance of creating a healthy and supportive work environment for employees. That's why we've dedicated this podcast to exploring research in the field and to share new insights and knowledge with you. Each week, we'll discuss a new journal article that sheds light on ways to improve mental health in the workplace, both for individuals and teams. We'll also explore practical strategies and tools that managers and employees can use to enhance mental health and well-being in their work lives. Join us as we dive into the latest research and discover which Nurau insight you can implement in your workplace today!

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Maitrise ton Doc

D'un point de vue externe, le monde académique est utopique, une Tour d'ivoire, et définitivement un endroit moins stressant et moins anxiogène que le monde réel dans lequel nous vivons et travaillons.Les donnés statistiques récentes soulignent qu'1 étudiant sur 5, soit 20% de la population étudiante, à un moment donné ou un autre, fait l'expérience d'un problème de santé mentale, que ce soit relié au stress, à la dépression, à l'anxiété ou autre. Une chose est sûre, tu n'es pas seul. Il existe des endroits avec des personnes prêt à t'écouter et à te prêter oreille.Pour commencer la conversation sur le bien-être psychologique, nous avons créé ce podcast destiné aux étudiants et produit par des étudiants. Notre mission: réduire la stigmatisation ainsi que les attitudes négatives qui peuvent y être reliées. Il est temps d'en parler, de s'exprimer et d'aborder le sujet comme il se doit.Par cette belle collaboration avec les Fonds de Recherche du Québec, notre Podcast se veut de mettre en avant des invités qui partagent des détails intimes de leur vécu et leur expérience avec la santé mentale. Nous espérons que ces conversations vous permettrons de mieux comprendre ce sujet, qui jusqu'à date est maintenu dans l'ombre.

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Master Your PhD

To an outsider, the world of academia seems utopian, the ivory tower, and definitely a place less stressful than the « real world » where the rest of us live and work. Statistics show that 1 out of every 5 students or 20 per cent of the student population, at one time or another, experience some form of mental health illness, whether it be stress related, depression, anxiety or what have you. One thing for sure, if you do suffer, you are not alone. And more importantly, there are places where you can find people ready to listen. People ready to share. Partnered with our friends over at the les Fonds National de Recherche, our Podcasts will feature interviews with people like us- who will share intimate details of how they dealt with their different mental health issues. And hopefully they will shed light on a topic that up to now has been kept in the dark because of shame and ignorance. Join us for our first episode of les FRQ’s Mastering Your PhD powered by Nurau : where we will shatter the myths and discover mental health in a new light.

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