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Powerful 15 minute wellbeing trainings.

Nurau offers microtrainings powered by data-driven social dynamics technology that learn and adapt to your team.

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Understand how to help your teams.

Track team dynamics and get actionable insights thanks to the Nurau dashboard.

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Stronger, together.

Empower your team to do their best work. Psychological safety in the workplace helps (you) boost your team's productivity.

Build team resilience.

Create an open and healthy environment that provides managers and employees with the tools they need to better communicate, collaborate and transform one another.

Create an
engaging culture.

Invest in data-driven wellness to create a sustainable workplace culture that allows your team to thrive and stay focused.

A team that
sticks together.

Nurau allows you to create a healthy environment and a strong bond between your team members to help you reduce employee turnover.

Be where it's at!

Improve public perception of your company with a human-centric culture and attract the best talent.

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